About the Trust

Founded by Edward Cecil Guinness in 1890,
The Iveagh Trust is the oldest housing charity in Ireland.


We are a statutory trust established under the Iveagh Trust Acts 1899–1961 and a registered housing charity. The Trust is an Approved Housing Body and operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Today, the Trust provides over 1640 homes around Dublin, offering a range of housing options including general needs housing for families, supported housing for older people and accommodation for men experiencing homelessness at the Iveagh Hostel.

Our Mission

The core mission of the Iveagh Trust is the provision and management of quality housing and everything we do is directed towards furthering this aim. Our mission as set down in our founding deed is:

“The amelioration of the conditions of the working population of Dublin and their modes and manner of living, by the provision of improved dwellings”.

Building Communities

Our aim is not just to provide homes, but to put in place the supports and services to help our communities thrive. A team of dedicated estate managers and caretakers are on hand to help make our communities great places to live.

Many staff also live in our communities and we strive to provide an on-site estate management service, seven-days, year-round.

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