Hostel Resident

What We Provide:

The Iveagh Hostel provides safe and secure accommodation for men over 18 years of age in 195 single rooms.

We provide

  • Accommodation in single rooms for up to 195 men, over 18 years of age.
  • 24-hour access. Residents can stay for as long as they need to.
  • Safety and respect for your privacy and autonomy.
  • 4 meals a day from the Hostel kitchen.
  • Shared bathroom and laundry facilities.
  • Communal kitchens for residents to prepare their own meals.
  • Communal TV rooms and seating areas.
  • Internet access room, library and a small gym.
  • Opportunities to move on to permanent accommodation with the Iveagh Trust.

We ask

  • For €130.20 per week (to be paid in advance).
  • For full compliance with our rules, to protect the safety and well-being of all.
  • For respect to be shown at all times to fellow residents, staff and visitors.
  • Residents not to put themselves or others at risk, due to use of alcohol, drugs or any form of anti-social behaviour.

About the Hostel

The Iveagh Hostel has played a major role in alleviating homelessness in Dublin since 1905. Today the Hostel continues to provide safe and secure accommodation in 195 single rooms.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone who comes to us is welcomed and feels ‘at home’ in a clean, safe and warm environment.

We will respect the privacy and autonomy of all residents, but are also on hand to offer guidance and support when it is needed.

Single Rooms
Meals Per Day
Hour Access
Dedicated Staff