The Iveagh Hostel Foyer

How to apply?

To check availability, please call us on 01 454 0182.

If we have a vacancy, we will conduct a short admission interview with you to ensure that the accommodation we provide is appropriate for your needs and that you are fully aware of your responsibilities.

What’s next?

Residents can stay at the Hostel for as long as they need to.

We can provide support and guidance about the options available to secure permanent housing and advise all residents to ensure that they are on the local authority housing list, as a first step. A member of staff will work with residents on a one-to-one basis to support them in their search for accommodation if needed. We work closely with Housing Officers in Dublin City Council.

The Iveagh Trust also has a small number of transitional homes, providing hostel residents with an opportunity to move-on to suitable permanent accommodation within the Trust’s communities.

Single Rooms
Meals Per Day
Hour Access
Dedicated Staff