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residents’ committees

Residents’ Committees are a crucial part of life on our estates – they’re an important forum and represent the best way to raise any suggestions or concerns you might have directly with senior Iveagh Trust staff. Committees are in place on most estates; please consider becoming a member.

How can I become a member?

Every two years, we’ll write to all tenants on your estate seeking nominations to form a new Residents’ Committee.
Committee members must be nominated by at least one other tenant – you must be a current tenant of the Iveagh Trust and you cannot nominate yourself.
We try to encourage a good mix of members; single people, families and older people, to ensure that your estate is well represented.

Have you considered joining your Residents’ Committee?
They are the most effective way to influence what’s happening on your estate and liaise with Iveagh Trust staff.

How do they work?

Once your committee is up and running, meetings will be arranged with senior Iveagh Trust staff at regular intervals, normally every 6–8 weeks.
Minutes of each meeting are taken and, where possible, the Trust will follow up on any actions. Your Committee is also the best place to organise community events, discuss ideas and explore what you can do as a community to help make your estate a great place to live.

building a community: what can I do?

There are many ways that you can have a positive impact on your community, whether you’re a member of your Residents’ Committee or you just want to get a good idea or project off the ground.

Lots of activities are already in place across our estates:

✔ Weekly tea parties

✔ The Iveagh Trust Community Choir

✔ Computer Classes

✔ Window Box Competitions

✔ Youth Clubs, Gardening Clubs, Film Clubs and Book Clubs

If you want to get involved, just talk to us and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, if you have an idea for a new project, we’d love to hear from you.

There are also many things we can all do on an individual basis. Cleaning up around your area, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity or assisting older or vulnerable neighbours can be a great support.

taking care of your home and your estate

Whether or not you decide to get involved with your Residents’ Committee or the various community activities – all residents can make a positive contribution to life on your estate by taking good care of your home and the area around it.

Looking after your outdoor spaces – balconies, terraces or gardens, can make a huge difference to the physical appearance of where you live and encourage others to do the same.

supported living – tenant liaison services

Additional services are provided on our estates for older people; to support tenants to live independently in the community, encourage social interaction and combat isolation.

Our Tenant Liaison Officers host a range of activities including weekly tea parties, bingo, book and film clubs.

Tenant Liaison Officers are also on hand to assist with queries and filling forms or simply to provide a listening ear – offering advice and support.

Outings for tenants from all estates, over the age of 65, are organised every year to places of interest and scenic spots within easy reach of Dublin. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours and Iveagh Trust staff better, in a new setting.

Our Liaison Officers also organise window box competitions and along with our friends at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, play a key role in the Iveagh Trust Community Choir.

visiting nursing service

A visiting nursing service is in place on our supported housing schemes, to provide a level of care and support to residents in their own homes through Dublin Call & Care.

Nursing staff can attend to areas like personal care, wound care, blood pressure, blood sugar and weight checks. They will also advise on the range of services available locally and help to ensure that residents are linked-in with the appropriate services.

For more information on availability, or how to arrange an appointment, contact your Estate Manager.

community rooms

Most of our estates are provided with on-site community rooms; hosting a variety of community based activities, meetings and social gatherings.

Check with your Estate Manager for opening times and availability.

guest rooms

Guest rooms are available for hire on a number of our estates, to provide overnight accommodation for visiting relatives and friends of tenants.

Generally, guest rooms are provided on estates with a large number of one-bed apartments.

Bookings can be made through your Estate Manager:

✔ Bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance

✔ Nightly rates must be paid in advance

✔ Tenants are entirely responsible for their guests

community IT

Computer rooms, high-speed internet and printing services are available on some estates, made possible with generous support from various donors.

Check with your Estate Manager for opening times and availability.

laundry facilities

Laundry facilities are in place on some estates to reduce the need for appliances in smaller apartments.

Generally, washers and dryers are available and payment can be made by purchasing tokens or directly using coin.

Talk to your Estate Manager for more information.

you and your neighbours

Your enjoyment of your home depends to a large extent on how considerate you and your neighbours are to each other.

Here are some practical ways that you can help:

✔ Consider your neighbours and respect the right of others to the peaceful enjoyment of their home.

✔ Keep noise to a minimum, particularly during night-time hours. If you are carrying out authorised home improvement works, make sure that any noisy works are carried out during the day.

✔ Be mindful of pedestrians, particularly children, on your estate – always drive within the speed limit.

✔ Park only in your designated parking space or area and try not to block or obstruct other vehicles.

✔ Make sure that your children play in a way that is safe and does not cause nuisance to your neighbours.

✔ Dispose of your rubbish securely in the bins provided. Never allow rubbish to build up in or around your home.

✔ Understand that you are responsible for the behaviour of your visitors – ensure that anyone visiting your home is aware of the terms relating to your tenancy.

disputes and anti-social behaviour
Anti-Social Behaviour

We will take action against any tenant that engages in anti-social behaviour, up to the termination of your tenancy.

Issues between neighbours will arise from time to time. Often problems occur through a simple lack of communication and the most successful way to resolve the issue can be to talk to your neighbour reasonably and explain the problem.

If the problem persists, you can report the issue, in writing, to your Estate Manager. The Iveagh Trust will take any report of anti-social behaviour seriously, and tenants should be aware that engaging in anti-social behaviour is a breach of your tenancy agreement, and may result in the termination of your tenancy.

Anti-social behaviour can be described as any behaviour that is likely to cause alarm, harassment, distress or injury to others. It can include noise disturbance, abusive behaviour – violence, assaults, threats or intimidation, keeping of dangerous pets, drug dealing and other criminal activity, harassment – including racial and sexual harassment, damage to property or unacceptable behaviour of children or visitors.

We will investigate your report and should you wish to remain anonymous, we will ensure your complaint is handled confidentially. However, the process may require one or more meetings with you and any other named party. Where a report of anti-social behaviour has been substantiated, we may issue a formal written warning to the person(s) involved.

We will also encourage the use of mediation where possible will work with Gardaí, Local Authorities and other agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour locally. Should the behaviour continue, we will take action, up to and including terminating the tenancy.
If your behaviour is seriously anti-social, threatens the fabric of the property or you engage in criminal activity, your tenancy can be ended with 7 days notice.

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