veagh Trust July 2020

How To Apply

‘How can I apply for a home with the Iveagh Trust?’

(If you are seeking accommodation at the Iveagh Hostel, please visit our Iveagh Hostel page.)

Step 1:

All applicants to the Iveagh Trust must be on their local authority’s housing waiting list.

The first step is to apply to your local authority for housing. In order to qualify, your household income must be below the threshold for social housing in your area and you must be in need of housing.

The Trust’s communities are located in the following local authority areas only:

– Dublin City Council
– Fingal County Council
– Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

Step 2:

The local authority will provide you with a housing application form.

As part of the form, the local authority will ask you what type of social housing support you are applying for. Most people will select “Rented Local Authority Accommodation”.

In addition, make sure that you also tick the box for “Voluntary/Co-operative Housing” – so that you can also be considered for housing by an Approved Housing Body, such as The Iveagh Trust.

If you are already on the housing list, you can contact your local authority to change your application so that you will also be considered for voluntary or co-operative housing.

You will be asked to state your preferred location, a full list of all Iveagh Trust communities across Dublin is available on the Our Communities page.

Step 3:

If you qualify for social housing, the local authority will place your household on its housing waiting list.

Usually, the local authority will prioritise those in the greatest housing need using various criteria. Typically, those with particular medical need or living in overcrowded conditions are prioritised, but your local authority will explain your position on the waiting list to you.

When a vacancy arises in certain Iveagh Trust properties, the local authority will provide us with nominations from their waiting list.

Step 4:

Once you have been nominated to us by the local authority, we will contact you and arrange for you to complete an Iveagh Trust housing application form. All prospective Iveagh Trust tenants are interviewed by Iveagh Trust staff and whether your application is successful will be determined by the Iveagh Trust working with the local authority. Successful applicants are also required to participate in a pre-tenancy course.

As most residents stay with us, the number of properties that become vacant every year is small. However, the Trust continues to add new homes to its housing stock and plans to add a further 400 homes by 2023.