1894 – 1901:

Kevin Street/New Bride Street

The Trust’s second enterprise, which was on a larger scale, commenced in 1894 to the south of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. A derelict site of slightly over two acres was acquired at the corner of New Bride Street and Kevin Street which previously had been part of a rope-making works.

Between 1894 and 1901, three vast blocks were built parallel and close together in a characteristic Trust style, red brick with impressive entrances and conspicuous Dutch gables. These buildings are five-stories high and originally contained 584 rooms in 336 separate flats – 108 one room, 208 two room and 20 with three rooms.

Robert J. Stirling, a Dublin architect and engineer, designed the buildings and they were erected by Meade & Co. Plenty of light and ventilation was a prerequisite in the buildings. The sun was to shine in all windows at some time of day, and there was to be a wash house on each floor with a W.C. to every two families. The Kevin Street site was to be enlarged considerably from the early 1930s right up to 1950 as numerous new blocks were erected.

  • Architect:
    Robert J. Stirling
  • Builder:
    Meade & Co.
  • Dwellings:
  • Rooms:
    108 one-room, 208 two-room, 20 three-room
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