Introducing MyIveagh!

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Introducing MyIveagh!

We’re excited to introduce to you MyIveagh!

What is it?

MyIveagh is an online portal to manage your tenancy 24/7 from your mobile phone or computer.

What does it do? With MyIveagh, you can:

• Check your current rent account balance, view and print your full rent account statement.
• Pay your rent by Card, Google Pay or Apple Pay, at any time. Your rent account balance will update instantly.
• View your household details and update your contact details.
• Send us documents securely.
• Check the calendar for information about important community events, maintenance works on your estate and the timing of non-chargeable weeks.
• Decide whether you would like to go paperless.
• View your resident handbook.
• Send us feedback or make a complaint.

Coming soon, you’ll also be able to report a repair through the MyIveagh portal.

How do I access it?

1. Go to our website: (or simply google “Iveagh Trust”) from your mobile phone or computer.
2. Click on “Resident Centre” from the Main Menu (or scroll down to MyIveagh Portal)
3. To register, you’ll need to enter some details so we can verify that it’s you:
On the registration page, you will need to enter your surname, your year of birth and your email address.
You’ll also need to enter your property code and your eircode.
4. Once you have entered these details, click “Register”
What happens then?

Once you’ve clicked register, we will verify your details to make sure it’s you. As soon as we’ve checked (during business hours), you will receive an email to finish your account setup and set your password – and that’s it! You can access your MyIveagh account at any time on our website.

Do you currently pay your rent by card on our website?

Please note that if you currently pay your rent by card through our website, we are now asking you to make those payments through your MyIveagh account from now on. Using your MyIveagh account is a more secure way to make your rent payment and your balance will update instantly, whereas it can take up to 72 hours for payments made through our website to be applied to your account.

Login to enter our monthly draw!

By logging in to your MyIveagh account at least once a month, you’ll automatically be entered into a monthly draw to win a gift card of €50. The draw will run once a month, for the rest of 2023!

To get started, just click here

We hope you like it!