Iveagh Trust Wins in the City Neighbourhood Awards

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19 November 2021

Iveagh Trust Wins in the City Neighbourhood Awards

The Trust was delighted to see the work of so many residents and staff acknowledged by Dublin City Council in the City Neighbourhoods Competition, 2021.

Dominic Hession of Dublin City Council said:

“We were very impressed with all the work – the window boxes, the gardens, fundraising, the shopfront improvements.”

Aidan Culhane, Chief Executive, added:

“I just want to say it’s fantastic for all of you and for the whole Trust – we are really proud of it – your work is so important.

It’s your work, it’s not ours. I know Nobby and Paul and all the team have helped out and we have worked with the community, but it really has been fantastic over Covid to see what’s happened in Kevin Street and to see how the residents themselves have re-engaged and galvanised. It’s enormously important, whether it’s the gardens that you’re involved in or the painting that we’re doing, it’s all about trying to build and renew that community spirit.

I’m delighted that the Council have recognised that work and we are looking forward to seeing the community going from strength to strength, whether it’s the balcony bingo, community garden, Halloween and Christmas events – It’s enormously valuable and really what the Iveagh Trust is all about and has been about for 130 years.

All the staff who work here and support the community have done a tremendous job, and we want to see that continue. Well done and well deserved – we look forward to the next event!”