Covid-19 Update

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January 7, 2021

Covid-19 Update

Level 5 Restrictions

In light of the deteriorating Covid-19 situation and the introduction of further restrictions, some services have been reduced in order to protect both residents and staff.

- Emergency repairs only will be carried out until further notice. Examples of emergency repairs include heating system failure, loss of electricity or water supply, blocked toilets etc.

- Before requesting an emergency repair, you will be asked to confirm that you and no other member of your household currently has Covid-19 or is displaying any symptoms.

- Work in vacant properties will continue, however any works in communal areas will be suspended. All contractors must verify that they are fully compliant with the Trust's Covid-19 procedures before arrival on site.

We would ask all residents to follow the updated guidance below to ensure that we all continue to play our part in keeping each other safe.

1: FACE COVERINGS: Residents are advised to wear a mask or face-covering in shared spaces (including entrance lobbies and hallways) and when it is not possible to keep a 2m distance from others. Following this advice will help to keep yourself, your family and the wider community safe by reducing the potential for Covid-19 to spread. (Please note: if wearing a visor, the HSE recommends that visors should only be worn together with a mask).

2: USE OF LIFTS: Please limit the use of lifts to persons from the same household or bubble.

3: SUSPECTED/CONFIRMED CASE: Should you have symptoms of Covid-19 or be confirmed as a Covid-19 positive case, please follow Government and Public Health guidelines. Contact your GP as soon as possible and self-isolate. Protect yourself, your family, and the wider Iveagh Trust community.

4: DELIVERIES/POST: All parcels should be delivered directly to your home address. The safest practice is to accept deliveries and parcels at your front door, ensuring minimal contact with the delivery person. Parcels cannot be accepted at the rent office or by any Iveagh Trust staff. With the increase in online shopping for Christmas this step is vital to minimise risk of the transmission of Covid-19 and your cooperation is appreciated.

5: CLEANING/WASTE: As per your tenancy agreement, all lobbies and corridors should be kept clean and clear of any clutter, including the area around your front door. Please ensure waste is disposed of correctly, double-bagged and placed inside the bins provided, closing the lid after you.

6: CLOSE CONTACTS: When a person is diagnosed with Covid-19, tracing their close contacts is vital in preventing further spread. It ensures all other potentially infected persons can be immediately contacted, informed, & tested. It is very important that you provide public health officials with the details of your close contacts should you be requested to do so.

7: VENTILATION: Covid-19 is a respiratory virus. The virus is diluted and dispersed outside in the open air, but indoors the particles are small enough to remain in the air and can linger for long periods. Opening a window, furthest away from where people are sitting, can help to reduce the spread of the virus indoors.

It is still as important as ever to:

✓ wash your hands properly and often
✓ stay 2 metres from others outside of your household/bubble
✓ cover coughs and sneezes

Stay safe and thank you for your cooperation.

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