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Capturing 130 Years – The Iveagh Trust launches new website

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December 1, 2020

Capturing 130 years -
The Iveagh Trust launches new website

Iveagh Stores

To celebrate 130 years, the Iveagh Trust has today launched its new website, telling our story from 1890 right up to today.

A host of images and content is now available from our archive in the ‘Our Story’ section together with a restored film-reel capturing life in the Trust’s famous play centre – The Bayno – on a June day in 1954. The Trust plans to bring as many as possible in the video back together for a special gathering on the same spot, almost 70 years later.

There’s a much-improved tenant centre for our residents along with new features aimed at providing a better sense of what it is the Iveagh Trust does – providing homes and building communities.

As the huge need for affordable housing continues, the Iveagh Trust’s mission is as relevant today as it was 130 years ago. The Trust will continue to play its part and plans to deliver a further 400 new homes over the next three years, bringing its total housing stock to over 2000 homes across Dublin by 2023.

Thank you to those that have contributed to help bring our history to life:

- Super8 Productions: Restoration of 1954 16mm film-reel.
- Giant Studios: Audio - Video assembly
- Chloe O’Reilly: extracts from ‘The Iveagh Trust of Dublin: A Constructed Community, 1889-1939’ PhD Thesis, (Trinity College Dublin, 2019).
- Rob Cross: ‘Bringing Ireland’s History to Life’ project – colourised images of the Iveagh Baths and the newly completed Bull Alley complex.
- Tenants Lily Hamilton (Née Lancaster), Sonny Morley, Carmel Murphy and Patricia Doyle: recordings their memories of ‘The Bayno’.
- The Digital Hub, audio contributions about ‘The Bayno’
- The National Library of Ireland: Archive photo of Patrick Street, Dublin.

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