Bull Alley

Built between 1901 & 1905, the 8 blocks that make up the Bull Alley Estate contain 213 apartments. The Bull Alley estate formed a key part of a major programme to regenerate the area between St. Patrick’s Cathedral & Christchurch, eradicating slum like conditions and providing vastly improved affordable housing for Dubliners.

All of the buildings that make up the Bull Alley Estate are protected structures. An extensive 6-year refurbishment and restoration programme was completed in 2012 returning these familiar Dublin landmarks to their former glory. Almost every element of the complex was renewed, offering residents new levels of comfort.

An elected Residents’ committee meets regularly with the Trust’s Director of Housing to discuss any issues that arise on the tenant’s behalf. As with all of the Trust’s larger communities, dedicated staff both live and work on the Bull Alley Estate, providing a quality service to tenants seven-days, year-round.

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